WORK READINESS TRAINING – Tababarka Shaqo U Diyaarinta Dadka Shaqo Doonka Ah– Ma Tahay Qof Shaqo Raadis Ah Oo U Baahan Inuu helo xirfad uu ku shaqo tagi karo. Ka Faa’iidayso Tababarkan.

Wararka 275


Y-FAR-SOM committed to empowering and uplifting Somaliland youth through delivering a world class Professional Training and coaching service to increase the productivity of Somaliland’s workforce which would positively contribute to Africa’s development goals.

If you’re looking for a job, writing a job application, Preparing for an interview, wanting to get experience. Y-FARSOM training center prepared you, work readiness training package that can help you to enter labor market

Module 1: Know yourself, and What Employers want.

  • Personal S.W.O.T Analysis (Where am I now?)
  • Write personal mission statement
  • Planning Process (How can I get there?)
  • Identifying skills(technical/ non-technical skills)
  • Recognize your personal proposition value


Module 2: Understanding the Job Market

  • Labour Market Information
  • Types of Jobs in the Market
  • Workplace behavior
  • Employees right in the workplace


Module 3: Job Searching Skills


  • Source of jobs – online and offline
  • Identify your job target
  • Job Matching
  • Job Advert Analysis

Module 4: Present & Sell Yourself on Paper


  • Write Professional CV
  • Cover/Application letter
  • Pitfalls in CV & Application letter


Module 5: Interview Skills


  • Types of Interview
  • Pre-interview preparations
  • During the interview
  • After the interview



Module 6:  Network & Communication Skills


  • Building professional networking
  • Social networking
  • Workplace communication
  • Interpersonal communication


Course period

Training period is 6 days, participants will attend 3hrs per day and total hours of the training is 18 hrs. Training is available both morning- 9:00 am to 11:00 am and afternoon – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Course Fees

The course fee is 20 USD per participant. The fee is inclusive of tuition, training materials and certificate of participation.

Mobile Contacts: 063-4402360 or 063-4408130

We look forward to your participation

Application Deadline

20, January, 2018

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